Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

The Fort Hamilton H. S. “Wall of Fame” was erected in 1991 to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the school. For over eight years, the awards were located on the first floor. However, as the school expanded and the number of members increased, it was necessary to move the Wall of Fame to the second floor, outside the school library where it resides today.

A diverse group of outstanding graduates represents the very best of our school. They are accomplished educators, physicians, service men and women, lawyers, politicians, community and civil service workers, athletes, musicians, artists and heroes. The FHHS Alumni Association is proud to honor these 57 Hall of Fame inductees.


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Inducted in 1991

Martin Adler ’55 Established Brooklyn Dodger Hall of Fame

Ronald Aiello ’57 NY State Supreme Court Judge

Bob Alberti ’51 Musician and Entertainer

Laraine Chiaino ’62 Guidance Counselor at FHHS

Thomas DeStefano ’55 Executive Director, Brooklyn Catholic Charities

Dr. Alice (Cury) Farkouh ’57 Principal of FHHS

Dr. George Cury ’56 Scholar and Educator

Everett Halvorsen ’51 Art Director, Forbes Magazine

Fr. John Hamatie ’64 Antiochian Orthodox Priest

Allyn Ann McLerie ’47 Actress and Dancer

Christopher Mega ’49 NY State Senator and Judge

Dr. George Preti ’62 Clinical Researcher and Educator

Jeff Samaha ’60 NBC Stage Manager and Leader of a Singing Group

Barbara Venito ’58 Assistant Principal at FHHS

Royce Watson ’50 Health Services Executive


Inducted in 1992

John Agoglia ‘55 NBC Enterprises President

Tosano Simonetti ’51 NYPD Staten Island Borough Commander

Dr. Eileen Gallagher Vining ’64 Pediatric Neurologist


Inducted in 1993

Dr. Arnold Andersen ’60 Professor of Psychiatry, University of Iowa

Bernard King ’74 NY Knicks Basketball Player

Charles Saul ’50 President and CEO of Agway

George Simonton ’63 Fashion Designer


Inducted in 1994

Janet Yellen ’63 Economist and Economic Adviser to Pres. Bill Clinton
In 2014, became the first woman to chair the Federal Reserve


Inducted in 1997

Vincent Gentile ’77 NY State Senator and NYC Councilman

Virginia Grasso ’74 Opera Singer

Larry Morish ’63 Community Leader

Gregory Zarr ’74 Civilian Hero


Inducted in 1998

Margo Berk-Levine ’58 Employment Specialist

Donald DiCunto ’45 President of Victory Memorial Hospital


Inducted in 1999

Dr. Edward Bittar ’59 Orthopedic Surgeon


Inducted in 2000

Lee Alprin ’51 English Teacher at FHHS

Linda Mollo-Holmes ’72 Math Teacher at I.S. 259


Inducted in 2001

Robert Adamski ’64 Civil Engineer

Eileen Bonner ’44 Colonel in US Army Reserve

Cheryl Heiberg-Kamen ‘77 Senior Care Social Work Executive


Inducted in 2002

William Calhoun ’61 NYPD Assistant Chief

Mynoon Feng Doro ’69 International Business Executive

James. H. Seaman ’48 Warden of the Pike County Jail, PA


Inducted in 2003

John Casey ’61 FDNY Assistant Chief

Caryn Dell’Alba ’94 Radio Show Host

David Shin ’95 Member of the New York Stock Exchange


Inducted in 2004

Theodore General ’59 Community Leader and Journalist

Dr. Nikos Spanakos ’56 Golden Gloves Champion

Petros Spanakos, J.D. ’56 Golden Gloves Champion


Inducted in 2005

Letticia James ’76 NYC Council Member

Maj. General Robert Rose ’56 General in U.S. Army

Helen Curzio Spears ’48 NYC Council Member


Inducted in 2010

Kim (Abdallah) Bianco ’85 Math Teacher at FHHS

Judi (Haber) Halioua ’62 Language Assistant Principal at FHHS

Leonard Morris ’68 Celebrated Artist

George Svokos ’76 Executive Vice President of Teva Pharmaceuticals

Christina Poulos Tettonis ’80 Elementary School Principal

Barbara Vellucci ’78 Assistant Principal, Organization at FHHS


Inducted in 2016

Peter Clavin ’71 Community Leader and Businessman

Joseph P. Graffagnino ’91 Hero Firefighter

Jaiquawn Jarrett ’07 Football Player, New York Jets

Kristi Beth Kvalheim ’95 Star Student Athlete


Inducted in 2018

Jean Balukas ’77 Billiards Great

Albert King ’77 Basketball Legend